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LIQA CEO Liliya Caracciolo & WVV Head of Market Management Marketing & Product Development Walter Malcherek

Excellent drinking water quality from our region.


Clean drinking water is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most endangered resources in our society. The WVV constantly ensures that Würzburg and the region are supplied with drinking water of excellent quality. Most of the drinking water is obtained from the spring and groundwater areas in Würzburg and the municipalities of Zell and Zellingen. Around seven million cubic meters of water are treated here every year to make drinking water. The mission of the WVV is clear: Drinking water of the best quality for everyone and at all times.

Clean drinking water for everyone:

WVV supports schools

It is particularly important for children that they drink enough to stay fit. It is therefore particularly important to the WVV that schoolchildren have access to healthy water. On the occasion of World Water Day (March 22), the Würzburg Supply and Transport GmbH recently launched a competition.

Five schools were able to secure support of €1,000 to purchase a drinking water dispenser. The winners were then announced at the end of April. One of the five schools that received the subsidy for a drinking water dispenser is the Leopold-Sonnemann-Realschule.

Because of their overall victory, all their students and teachers were also presented with 1,000 reusable drinking bottles from WVV Energie.

Zell springs soon to be the second largest water protection area in Bavaria?

The motto of this year's World Water Day on March 22 was “Our groundwater: the invisible treasure”. An important day for an important step of the drinking water supply Würzburg GmbH (TWV). This handed over the documents for a redesignation of the drinking water protection area of ​​the Zeller Quellen to the district office of Würzburg.

The aim is to secure the entire groundwater catchment area with a protected area. Instead of the previous seven square kilometers, the drinking water protection area would then cover 66 square kilometers. This would make it the second largest water protection area in Bavaria. The district office of Würzburg is now examining the documents.

Even more freshness on the go

Quench your thirst while hiking or mountain biking with a few sips from the mountain spring? Or refresh yourself with water from the tap when traveling abroad? With the start-up LIQA from the Würzburg region, the WVV has found a strong cooperation partner who makes exactly this possible. WVV Energie and LIQA are united by the common goal of responsible and sustainable use of the important resource water, so that future generations can also enjoy it. The high-quality "Aurora UV" water bottle is one of the LIQA products that focus on reusability, resource conservation and environmentally friendly materials. In its lid, it has an innovative technology for the natural cleaning of the water in the stainless steel bottle, which is also used by NASA.

WVV Energie is pleased that this solution from LIQA also makes healthy water accessible to the residents of Würzburg outside of their own water supply area.

100% fresh: The water quality promise of the WVV

The WVV promises its customers excellent quality and sustainable use of the most essential basis of all life at all times. The water, which comes from local sources, is continuously monitored and tested in our own drinking water laboratories. In addition, the WVV is actively committed to biological diversity.

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