Aurora UV


Funktion des UV- C Lichts

1. Fact: UVC radiation is invisible. Since the name ultra violet sounds like a very special violet, you might think that UVC radiation is a very special purple or blue light, like it is sometimes used in photos in advertising, but again: UVC radiation is invisible . What you see in the photos is the proportion of visible light, because the UVC lamps do not convert 100% of the electrical energy into UVC radiation, but also a proportion into visible light in a bright blue color. And UVC radiation cannot be perceived with the other human sensory organs either; you cannot see, feel, hear or smell it.

2. Fact: There is no natural UVC radiation on the earth's surface. UVC radiation is emitted in huge amounts by the sun and is so strong in space that the astronauts have to protect themselves from UVC radiation, especially with space suits, but the ozone layer protects us from the arrival of UVC radiation on earth. Even more: The oxygen of the earth and the UVC light of the sun form in a chemical reaction: ozone! Without the UVC radiation from the sun and the oxygen from plants (and algae) on earth, the ozone layer and life on earth as we know it would never have come into being.

3. Fact: UVC radiation can be artificially generated by UVC lamps, UVC LEDs or UVC lasers. Artificially generated UVC radiation leaves no residue or contamination, which is why it is of particular importance for sustainable use in the sterilization and disinfection of water, air or surfaces. In particular, UVC LEDs will make completely new applications for the use of UVC radiation possible in the next few years.

Fact 4: From a scientific point of view, it is in the range of approx. 100 to 280 nanometers wavelength in short-wave electromagnetic waves, just like visible light. UVC radiation borders on UVA and UVB radiation, which are longer-wave and have less energy, and on the other hand X-rays, which are even shorter-wave and have more energy.


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