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Naturally clean water

Das Geschenk, das jeder braucht
”LIQA® is revolutionizing the drinking experience in Germany. The promise: clean water, everywhere and at all times!”
”LIQA® stands for reusability, resource conservation and environmentally friendly materials.”
”High-quality technology simply solved.”
”Drinking water guarantee for outdoors and travelling.”

Aurora by LIQA

Cleans without additives and burden

UV-C cleaning leaves no residue - in contrast to disinfecting chemicals or conventional water filters. This is a particularly pure and healthy form of cleaning and water treatment, which is also kind to the environment and your wallet in the long term.

Based on your plastic consumption, Aurora by LIQA helps you...

Save €547

When you buy water

Why spend money on single-use plastic bottles when you can safely drink from the tap?

Reduce 39kg

Plastic bottle waste per year and person

In Germany alone, we use 16.4 billion kilos of plastic bottles every year. 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute.

Reduce 78kg

From your annual CO2 consumption

Private plastic consumption in Germany is twelve million tons per year.

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